Vintage Books, Collectable and Out Of Print

I have recently discovered a book on horse riding written back in 1949. I am finding it very interesting in regards to what has changed and actually what has not.

Does anyone else like to read the original copies of a book, perhaps the first edition or out of print antique type? What consists as vintage to you, fifty years plus?

For anyone interested in looking at my purchase you can find various condition copies. These range from the collectable to reading copies.

You and Your Horse by Phyllis Hinton 1949 First Edition



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Kindle or Real Copy?

Have you changed over to reading books on the Kindle?

I haven’t and don’t own a device capable of doing so. I like browsing the shelves, reading the back and being enticed by the art work on the front and actually handling the book.

Once I have a finished book I donate to charity or a friend and the cycle carries on. I personally feel we spend too much of our day with our eyes on a screen. We need to unplug from gadgets and get lost inside a real book.


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Alexander McCall Smith, The Number One Detective Agency

I do like his work. I would describe it as an easy read. Sometimes funny and light hearted. 

He has written numerous books but I am drawing your attention to The Number One Detective Agency series. I am up to book five now and hope to pop the others on the shelf.


Number one




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Logans Run 1976

I am going to watch the film. There is also the book, but not read or bought as yet. Is anyone familiar with these? It’s a fantasy science fiction and I am getting into these.

The book was written by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson. Not sure when but the film aired in 1976.  It is a futuristic perfect world setting with one huge flaw. You die at 30 in the film, 21 in the book. Yes I can see that being a big flaw in a world. 🙂

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Thanks for following

This blog is only one month and it has 20 followers.


Thank you very much for following and I hope to keep my posts of interest to you.

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Horse Boy

Generally I don’t do reviews. The reason is simply because I have seen many that are well written and in depth and I just know mine won’t be.

However if compelled enough either good or bad then I might. I was actually disappointed with the book. I have seen the film a few years before and although I had, I still wanted to read the book.

For those who want to know more it’s a non fiction true story about an autistic boy who through a journey involving shamans and horses enables his parents to set up an Equine therapy centre.

I struggled with it to be honest and I actually gave up near the end and just skipped to the epilogue. The reason I was disappointed is because the book was planned before the journey took place. It almost made it fake for me because someone had already commissioned it.  The author was already a horse trainer and it’s well-known before this book that horses are used as therapy. The RDA springs to mind and I know this to be case in the states

I won’t be reading the sequel.

Horse Boy

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A book that doesn’t grip you. Do you read on?

If you start a book that doesn’t grip you, how long do you read it for?

One or two chapters? Do you see how it goes or give up? Is your choice influenced by whether it’s an unknown author or an author you like?

One author I believe I have outgrown, I won’t be buying anymore.  She’s safe and predictable. I do have two still to read, but I am debating just sticking these on ebay or giving away. But, I might just try them before do this.

Another author I bought a box set of and loved them. Since then I haven’t been that gripped. If I feel like I could skip pages or I could read something else this isn’t great.


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