Vintage Books, Collectable and Out Of Print

I have recently discovered a book on horse riding written back in 1949. I am finding it very interesting in regards to what has changed and actually what has not.

Does anyone else like to read the original copies of a book, perhaps the first edition or out of print antique type? What consists as vintage to you, fifty years plus?

For anyone interested in looking at my purchase you can find various condition copies. These range from the collectable to reading copies.

You and Your Horse by Phyllis Hinton 1949 First Edition



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2 Responses to Vintage Books, Collectable and Out Of Print

  1. Claire says:

    I honestly don’t know what constitutes vintage any more! According go ebay then it is something older than twenty years.
    Book wise, it will all be dependent on age. For example, I have some horsey books written in the early 1980’s. To me they are a little old fashioned but not vintage. Yet to someone aged eighteen or so now, starting to learn about horses then I guess they might class those as vintage!

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  2. I love both vintage and antique books, particularly forgotten and obscure ones.

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