Kindle or Real Copy?

Have you changed over to reading books on the Kindle?

I haven’t and don’t own a device capable of doing so. I like browsing the shelves, reading the back and being enticed by the art work on the front and actually handling the book.

Once I have a finished book I donate to charity or a friend and the cycle carries on. I personally feel we spend too much of our day with our eyes on a screen. We need to unplug from gadgets and get lost inside a real book.


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One Response to Kindle or Real Copy?

  1. Claire says:

    I wouldn’t buy kindle but my other half does, due to the nature of his job, he reads on his laptop because it is easy for him to flip between novel and work! Me personally, I much prefer a hard copy. I love a new the smell of a brand new book but equally enjoy reading an old or used one. I often wonder who read them previously and where and when etc.


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